"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it"
Robert Swan - British polar researcher

our sport depends on a healthy environment - we all do! But up until today our sport is not the most sustainable thing in the world. We're consuming a large number of fossil fuels to develop, produce, transport and ultimately also get to the spot and ride our boards. Being out there itself is Clean and the best we can do - but the way to get there leaves a trail. We at Fanatic are well aware of this and we're taking action to reduce our trail as much as we can - and more!


Browse through these pages to find out what we're doing to protect what we love.



Our Fly Eco takes the 2nd place at the VICTOR Sports Buiness Award 2021 in the category "Sport & Climate Protection"

Clean Beach Day - from 29th of April - 2nd of May!

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Ray Eco - The most sustainable SUP

Built by Michael Walther / Zero Emissions


Save Our Playgrounds initiative by all B&M brands to streamline and optimize activities on sustainability

Climate neutral production - Carbon Offset of emissions caused by production of Windsurf and SUP composite ranges

100% plastic free packaging (majority products of our range)


Extended Eco ranges of Windsurf and SUP composite boards

Further optimized packaging - 
replacing plastic tape with paper tape

Jobrad initiative at B&M headquarters - supporting all employees with convenient deals on the latest bikes out there. Let's ride to work!


Introduction of Fly Eco SUP range, complementing the Gecko Eco Freeride Windsurfing boards

Optimize Packaging: Replacing plastic with cardboard and paper. Use of recycled plastic if needed at all

Re-Use of packaging at our international warehouse


Bio Resin: Switch of composite production to Sicomin Bio Resin

Introduction of Gecko Eco: Made of Flax, Cork and Wood


Boards & More task forces on sustainability: Packaging, transport, materials, R&D, energy, NGOs and other initiatives

Energy savings and switch to renewable energy within the company

New packaging concept saving plastic foil and packaging, styrofoam, poly bags and paper

B&M cycling initiative – incentive for coming to work by bike instead of car. Within half a year 15000km were done by bike


Saving two 40 feet containers offcuts of EPS trash through 
re-use for packaging


Increased use of natural components such as Wood, Cork and Basalt


Introduction of Cork Sandwich as alternative to oil based PVC


Fanatic OCEAN MINDED initiative starts

Ozone free foam blanks

Audited facilities with filtration systems for all gases and particles

Less paint, more picturesque - through the implementation of pigmented resin rather than painted colors in the graphics and finishing process

Smart packaging saves fuel for transportation and allows recycling of boxes