CST: Custom Surf Technology

Sky Surf, Prowave LTD

1 Light finish and weight saving graphics
2 Glass fibre layer
3 Solid glass force patch
4 Extra strong bamboo reinforcement (entire stance area, only Sky SUP & ProWave)
5 Vector Net rail frame
6 Solid glass force patch
7 Ultra light fibre layer
8 Light and strong EPS core

Our Custom Surf Technology combines a lightweight custom layup with features such as Carbon stripes, Vector net and bamboo reinforcements providing the right amount of strength and flex needed for the high performance ProWaves and our Sky Surf foil boards.


1: Light finish and weight saving graphics 
2: Glass fibre heel patch 
3: Bamboo heel patch 
4: Glass reinforcement rail band 
5: Full carbon layer 
6: Full high densitiy PVC layer 
7: Carbon fibre heel patch 
8: Light fibre layer 
9: Light EPS core 
10: Light fibre layer 
11: Full high densitiy PVC layer 
12: Solid glass layer 


Our Vacuum Epoxy Construction comes in a complex multi-step vacuum process with reinforcement patches in key areas such as boxes, centre spine and a full bamboo patch in the entire stance area. The light yet strong construction comes with a hand sanded finish adding to the unique custom appeal of this technology. A strong construction with significantly lower weight.

VCT: Vector Net Technology

Sky SUP, Stubby, AllWave, Fly, Diamond

1 Light finish and weight saving graphics
2 Ultra light fibre layer
3 Glass core stringer
4 Vector net rail frame
5 Extra strong Bamboo reinforcement (stance area)
6 Solid glass layer
7 Ultra light fibre layer
8 Super light EPS core

Our new Vector Net Technology – with it’s stringer and bamboo wood reinforcements in key areas – ensures a great strength to weight ratio and comes with exceptional frame stability for a direct and responsive feel.

BS: Bamboo Sandwich Technology


1 Light finish and weight saving graphics
2 Ultra light fibre layer
3 Glass reinforcement rail band
4 Glass core stringer
5 Caramel Bamboo Sandwich (front half)
6 Biax fibre layer
7 Solid glass layer
8 Super light EPS core

A lightweight bamboo wood / glass composite construction with great strength and unique optics. Combined with some extra glass reinforcements, it absorbs high impact forces. Overall a very durable layup with unique wooden deck optics and great weight / price ratio.

CFWC: Cork/Flax/Wood Composite Light Finish Technology


1 Light Finish and weight saving graphics
2 Ultra light fibre layer
3 Glass reinforcement rail band
4 Uni-Directional natural Flax Fibre layer
5 Glass reinforcement patch
6 Extra strong wood patch from sustainable forestry
7 Light glass layer
8 Natural Cork Sandwich
9 Ultra light fibre layer
10 Super light EPS core

Built with Flax, Cork, Wood and Bio Resin instead of the classic Glass and PVC sandwich, our Eco technology uses sustainable plant based raw materials wherever possible, without compromising performance.


Performance Features

  • Natural Flax fibre composite offers a very good strength / weight / flex ratio and replaces the classic oil based Glass / Carbon composite layup

  • Cork sandwich is not only a natural source, but it also brings superior shock absorption properties and replaces the oil based PVC sandwich

  • Sicomin’s GreenPoxy® Bio Resin contains a higher degree of plant based elements than traditional resin. Bio Resin is used in all models throughout the Fanatic range

  • Wood veneer from sustainable forestry is used across the entire base of the board for superior optics and a unique flex response

CCS: Custom Carbon Sandwich Light Finish Technology

Falcon Carbon, Blitz Carbon, Strike Carbon

1 Light finish and weight saving graphics

2 Ultra light glass layer

3 Full Carbon Kevlar layer

4 UD Carbon rail reinforcement band

5 Carbon stance force patch

6 High density PVC sandwich (stance / step area)

7 Carbon stance reinforcement patch

8 Ultra light fibre layer

9 Super light CNC EPS core


Carbon Kevlar is a high-end technology with perfectly balanced weight, strength and impact resistant characteristics. Carbon rail sections and a complete Hi-tech Carbon bottom layer deliver an impeccable weight / stiffness ratio. With a fantastic dynamic flex due to its very fine weave, it is used for our high performance Falcon, Blitz and Strike Carbon models.

BXF: Biax Fibre Light Finish Technology

Sky SUP LTD, Ray LTD, Blitz, Strike

1 Light finish and weight saving graphics
2 90° fibre layer
3 Reinforcement rail band
4 Extra strong wood veneer (stance / step area)
5 45° Biax fibre layer
6 90° fibre layer*
7 Ultralight fibre layer
8 Super light EPS core


When combined with the sandwich construction, this high quality Full Biax Glass specification provides an optimised weight / stiffness / flex ratio.

*you might find higher grade components in your BFX board - such as PVC, Carbon etc., as we have slight variations in our different BXF models.

Pure Light Technology

Ray, Diamond Touring

1 Single Skin top coat
2 Glass reinforcement rail band
3 Glass fibre layer
4 Glass reinforcement layer
5 Extra strong wood patch (stance area)
6 Extra solid glass layer
7 Glass fibre layer
8 Super light EPS core

The Pure Light technology is an exceptionally durable construction with a great weight / strength ratio. Created for frequent use, the glass reinforcements ensure optimum stiffness. A thick, durable outer skin gives the board’s hull great strength, as well as extra ding and impact resistance.

HRS Soft Top Technology

Fly Soft Top

1 Impact-bumpers nosetail
2 Shock absorbing Soft Top shell with microdot-structure
3 Glass HRS layer
4 Extra strong wood patch (stance area)
5 Extra solid glass layer
6 Strong and light high density EPS core

The High Resistance Soft Top technology is a lightweight and durable construction for everyday use. Strategic use of glass reinforcements ensure adequate stiffness, while a strong, thick outer skin gives the board’s hull phenomenal strength. With extra ding and impact resistance, it is used on the Fly Soft Top giving a user-friendly soft deck.

DL Light: Double Layer Light Technology

Stubby Air, Fly Air Premium, Ray Air Premium, Falcon Air, Viper Air WS Premium, Tandem Air

1 Extra rail-band reinforcement
2 Second thin PVC rail layer
3 First PVC rail layer
4 Diamond grooving footpad
5 Light and printed Tarpaulin layer
6 First Tarpaulin layer
7 V-Drop Stitch core

The Double Layer Light technology is our Premium construction. Featuring a second PVC layer, which is welded directly to the core layers and around the V-Drop Stitch material – the heart of each Fanatic Inflatable. An additional third layer of coloured rail bands round off the highly durable and premium quality, with stylish optics of the deck print. The benefits of the Double Layer Light construction when compared to the standard Double Layer technology is a 20 – 25 % reduction in weight, and around 25 – 30 % increase in stiffness. Simply the best inflatable technology out there!


DS Light: Drop Stitch Light Technology

Fly Air, Diamond Air, Ripper Air, Ray Air, Diamond Air Touring, Ripper Air Touring, Viper Air WS, Ripper Air WS, Fly Air Fit, Air Mat

1 First PVC rail layer
2 Second PVC rail layer
3 Diamond grooving footpad
4 Strong Tarpaulin layer
5 V-Drop Stitch core

Our single layer Drop-Stitch Light technology provides a lightweight and quality construction without reaching deep into your pockets. Still produced at one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers, this inflatable technology is created with top quality materials and production standards you’d expect from Fanatic.

DL HD: Double Layer HD (Heavy Duty) Technology

Rapid Air, Rapid Air Touring

1 Extra rail-band reinforcement
2 Second PVC rail layer
3 First PVC rail layer
4 Diamond grooving footpad
5 Strong and printed Tarpaulin layer
6 First Tarpaulin layer
7 V-Drop Stitch core

Built to last, our Double Layer (HD) technology is an inflatable construction for heavy-duty usage. The triple layer rail construction ensures incredible stiffness and durability. Stiffness and performance is guaranteed, as the Double Layer HD technology can take more than 20 PSI of air pressure if needed.

HD 200 Technology

Fly Air Fit Platform, Fly Air Fit Platform S, Fly Air XL


For our large models carrying a group of people we’re using our special extra thick and extra durable Single Skin HD technology, with new ultra strong double layer bottom (Fly Air XL). With additional layers on the rail for extra stiffness, our oversized special models are of similar rigidity as our smaller Premium iSUPs, while carrying multiple riders.


Fly Air pocket


Our new Micro technology provides a featherweight and quality construction that can be rolled and packed into a backpack half the width of a standard iSUP package. The reduced pad and our twin Click Fin system make it possible to have a regular sized iSUP packed into minimal space.