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We are fanatic

Founded in 1981, our brand represents over three decades of windsurfing history and an ongoing promise to you: to deliver quality, innovation and service. Our reputation as one of the world’s leading windsurfing brands has been built upon a resolute passion for the products we produce. Only the very best will do. Because we love to windsurf just as much as you do!

what we stand for

Fanatic is driven by our unwavering desire to create dream boards. That vision may sound simple, but achieving it is not. We stand for everything that makes it possible: quality, innovation, knowledge, experience, consistency, integrity, Ocean Minded spirit and above all else, passion. Value is important to us because we know it matters to you. Designing more usable range into each of our boards has allowed us to offer the most concise board range of all the top windsurfing brands. This means you’ll get even more use from your new Fanatic board across a greater range of conditions. Customer service is as important to us as our products are. Looking after you completes the picture for us. Your questions and feedback help us to better understand your needs, provide you with relevant information and to develop future ranges. There is always an ear waiting for you at an approved Fanatic dealer. Or you can chat to us online anytime at our

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Behind the brand

Meet the Team


As Brand Manager for Fanatic, Craig divides his time between testing, sales, team management and boardbag packer at photoshoots. South African born and bred he took up Windsurfing back in 1982, joining Fanatic as a rider and World Tour competitor in 1995.


KARIN GERTENBACH / Head of Marketing

Karin is the Head of Marketing for Fanatic. Having joined the brand back in 1999, she has evolved and worked hard to grow its image as much as she can. Married to Brand Manager Craig, and with two kids who love to SUP too, she lives the job 24/7 and is  truly ‘Addicted to Ride!’

Sebastian steinberg / Head of Sales

Sebastian is a passionate wingfoiler and windsurfer and turned his hobby into his profession early on. After various stations with well-known manufacturers in the water sports and tourism industry, we are glad that he is now part of the Fanatic family.


DANIEL AEBERLI / Product Manager

Having first stepped on a windsurfing board at 7 years old, Daniel discovered his passion for slalom and racing at the young age of 15 years when he hit the competitive circuit. Securing Slalom Swiss Champion and multiple freestyle titles, he pursued his love for the sport by getting involved in R&D  and technical development over 13 years ago.


VASIN SIRITO / Product Engineer

Vasin is a passionate windsurfer with years of experience in the composite industry. He is the key link between our R&D / Product Management teams and our suppliers, making sure the great products we test year round, end up in the hands of our customers!



Sebastian Wenzel started windsurfing back in 1981, a time when he also began to create boards of his own. From 1985 – 2000, Sebastian competed in all disciplines. Filling the role of designer and shaper for Fanatic back in 1994, he introduced the premium CAD design process into windsurfing in 2004. His creative eye and passion for sport makes him a fundamental part of the progression and evolution of our lines, and the sport in general.

Matthäus Merkle / Marketing Manager

Matthäus Merkle has been windsurfing since 1997 and worked as a Windsurf Instructor at the North Sea for several years during his media-/sports and event management studies in Hamburg. He came to Munich to work in digital advertising, eventually joined Boards & More GmbH as a Marketing Manager for ION in 2018 and started working in the Fanatic Marketing Team in April 2021.


Natalie Grote-Beverborg / Jr. Marketing Manager

Natalie Grote-Beverborg grew up in a windsurf family and started windsurfing at the age of 6, since then she is an enthusiastic windsurfer. Natalie joined the Fanatic Marketing Team in 2016 during her Design studies, which is - together with her artisic eye – a big advantage for her work as a creative.

Addicted to ride